Poldrate Arts & Crafts Centre

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Poldate Mill Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Poldrate Mill is primarily used for pottery, kiln glass and lamp work classes. Our pottery classes are extremely popular and learning to use the wheel or slab pottery can be very rewarding. Glazing and firing can all be accomplished within the pottery classes.

Kiln Glass classes are very popular, making an assortment of glass panels by fusing layers together. The glass pieces are fired in a klin. Glass Bead Making (Lamp work) is another popular craft. Making glass beads is delicate, fun and the finished beads can be used in many other ways.

Clay Portraiture classes also takes place on the Mill Ground Floor, where you can learn sculpture techniques to create either a human or animal head. The heads will be fired at the end of the course.

Pottery class Pottery class Pottery class Pottery class Clay Portraiture class Lamp Work class Lamp Work class Lamp Work class Lamp Work class

Poldrate Mill 1st Floor

The 1st floor of the Mill has a wooden floor and is a very versatile room for many different classes or groups to meet in. There are warm air heaters set in the walls.

At present, there are two crafts which use this space regularly; Upholstery and Spinning & Weaving. Upholstery classes learn both traditional and modern techniques for re-upholstering a range of furniture.

A wide range of creative techniques can be undertaken in the self help spinners, dyers, and weavers group.

Upholstery class Furniture recovering Measuring the fabric Spinning and Weaving class Carders and Wool Spinning exhibits Spinning and Weaving class

Granary Ground Floor

The ground floor is primarily used for wood carving; where we have custom built benches for this purpose, however the room is also regurlarly used for our basketry classes.

This studio has a concrete floor and is centrally heated, with sinks and storage cupboards. It has natural lighting and a nice outlook over the Poldrate Mill. There are thermal window covers available, to help keep the heat in over the winter months.

Many of the craft pieces produced by our students are exhibited in our Annual Exhibition, which is open to all members. We currently offer a traditional basket making course, held in our ground floor studio, with many of the final products included in the Annual Exhibtion. Due to many donations over the years, PACC has acquired a large range of tools, allowing all abilities and multiple users to enjoy the experience at once.

As well as our studio, the ground floor also contains an information area, the PACC notice board, lift access to all floors, as well as all toilets for the building.

Granary Ground Floor Studio Woodwork exhibits Woodcarving tools Basketry class Willow ready for weaving

Granary 1st Floor

The first floor studio is available for a variety of crafts. It is well lit and has a large central work table with electric points. There are two sinks, with ample work surfaces down one side. There are lockable storage cupboards and secondary thermal linings for the windows during the winter.

The layout of this floor is very versatile for a variety of activities. It has automatic lighting (movement detection), and the room is centrally heated.

Learning to use your sewing machine classes have been very popular. Textile classes are held in the 1st floor studio. The creative embroidery self-help group meet here throughout the year.

Members of the Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre are welcome to use this room on Wednesday mornings from 10am - 12noon, during term times only. Bring along any project you wish to work on. Tea/coffee making facilities are available for your use. Donations welcome.

Granary 1st Floor Studio Sewing workshops Creative embroidery techniques Transfer dyeing workshop

Granary 3rd Floor

The third floor of the Granary is a very large, well lit and centrally heated studio. It is an excellent location for exhibitions or arts shows etc due to the natural lighting. There is a small kitchen area at one end available for preparing teas. Thermal window covers are available for the lower windows during the winter months.

Life Drawing classes take place throughout the year, and our acrylic painting, watercolour and oil painting classes are also very popular. The natural light enhances the use of this room.

Other groups, such as Haddington Camera Club, Sew Forth Stitching and Craft Group, and Life Drawing classes also use this room. A variety of workshops are also held here throughout the year.

There is a picture hanging rail around the room for use in exhibitions, with plinths also available. We have a large selection of floor standing and table easels available for use.

Granary 3rd Floor Studio Granary 3rd Floor Studio Painting classes Exhibition space Painting classes